Episode six, Jackie Paaso!

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“I guess that the competetive side of me wants to do it better than them eventually, I never wanna BE someone, I’m striving to be just as good if not surpassing them. I kind of hate talking about stuff like that, but I think being a competetive person – thats the reality. Competetive people dont want to be as good as someone; they want to be better, or the best!”

In the first episode of the year, and in the sixth episode of the Husky International series, I sit down with professional freeskier Jackie Paaso.

Jackie is one of the top riders in the Freeride World Tour and the day after our interview she was heading south towards the Alps together with her fiance Reine Barkered in search of good conditions to start off the season.

We talk about her childhood, the importance of mountains in her life and her transition from a freestyle skier into a big mountain and freeskier on the Freeride World Tour. We talk about being a girl in the ski industry, her ambition to attain more mountaineering skills, the dreams of backcountry expeditions, staying safe in the mountains and about learning swedish.

Find out more about the Husky International series.

The interview was recorded at Clarion Sign in Stockholm.

Reine Barkered took the lovely picture of Jackie up in northern Norway.

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