Episode fifteen, Max King!

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“It’s the same sort of thing and I feel like, if I can help somebody get into a pair of good running shoes thats gonna make them comfortable, then they’re gonna like running more than they have in the past, then I’ve done my job and I feel like I’ve helped someone as much as I used to when I was doing pharmaceutical research.”

He won the 100K World Championships 4 minutes ahead of Jonas Buud. His Marathon PR is at an amazing 2:14.36, he won the 2015 5K Obstacle Race “Warrior Dash”, and he is aiming to qualify for the 2016 Olympics in Rio. He came in second at this years Ultravasan 90K behind Jonas Buud and he is called “the renaissance man of running” – it is an honour to present a long interview with Max King.

We talk about growing up in Oregon, how he came into sports and running and about his interesting basketball career. About leaving the safety of a good job as a pharmaceutical engineer in order to follow his heart, about mixing different styles of running, the joy of Obstacle Races and the joy of running fast. About the relation to his own body, about crashing hard in an Ultra, his nostalgia when it comes to running and about being a new member of the Salomon Running team since January 2015.

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Many thanks to Naimakka for the much appreciated gift to Max!

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