Episode twenty one, Andy Schell / On the Wind vs Husky!


“I’m really lucky to have the parents that I had because my dad was extremly practical with a entrepreneurial mindset and my mum was very spiritual and philosophical in a universal sense – not religious at all. So her mantra to me was always ‘Do what you love and the money will follow’. And then my dad perfectly accompanied that with his mantra ‘there is always room at the top’, meaning that if You are the best at what You do You will always have work. I love that – it is basically: find a passion and work for it”


One of many inspiring people I’ve met through the work with Husky is Andy Schell and his wife Mia who now also are really good friends.

Together they run a business around their sailboat Isbjörn and just like me Andy also manages a podcast. In the podcast On the Wind Andy talks with sailors from all over; the gallery spans from happy enthusiasts to living legends like Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

This episode is not like the normal interviews. Both me and Andy run the same episode in both of our channels and it is a bit more of a discussion than the usual interviews. We compare our backgrounds, why we decided to run our own businesses and we are talking about life on the seas and life in the mountains. One of the inspiring quotes that we touch upon in the discussion is one of my favourites from Alan Watts regarding the topic “If money was no object”.

Follow 59 North Sailing and Isbjörn on their Instagram and their Facebook. If you are one of those dreaming about adventures on the high seas – this is your go to place.

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Cover photo © Andy Schell / 59 North Sailing

This interview was recorded at Clarion Sign.

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