Episode four, Simone Moro!

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“We have to be able to reinvent ourselves, because there is not one age for the dreams and one age to cry on the missing dreams that we do not have. We should be able to change and evolve, continue to dream in proportion of our age, our money and our abilities. It’s not the characteristic of Simone Moro, its the characteristic of any of us. Probably I always have unusual dreams…but they are not special or better or worse. Just unusual”

The fourth episode in the Husky International series is a interview with legendary climber and alpinist Simone Moro.

Simone came to Stockholm for the first ever visit of The North Face Speaker Series in Sweden. Unfortunately due to some delays in Simones tight schedule I didn’t get the time first planned, but I am very grateful that Simone still took the time for me.

Hear Simone about where home his, how important the sherpa are for the development of alpinism and what it feels like to be seen as a superhuman.

“At 8,000 meter you are the same person as at the sea level. So it doesn’t exist good people that become bad at 8,000 or vice versa. So my virtuos and defects in low altitude is the same as in high altitude”

This episode is made in cooperation with Addnature.

Original photo © The North Face

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