Episode thirteen, Sigurdur Jonsson and the Aurora Arktika!

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“I don’t look at it at all like I’m rebellious, but I more and more try to do things my way, and do what I like. And I try to encourage my kids to follow their hearts and do exactly what they like to do in a way they like. But if you wanna do that you have to be responsible, so if you want to be free you have to be responsible and free, you can’t just be rebellious. I think I’m a fairly quiet citizen of my community but I really like to do things my way – but I am willing to take that responsibility and do it in a proper way that doesn’t harm other people.”

– Sigurdur Jonsson, Captain of the Aurora Arktika

I remember very well the first time I saw the Aurora Arktika and her captain Sigurdur “Siggi” Jonsson; it was in the fantastic short movie Iceland – A Skier’s Journey by Jordan Manley.

Somewhere along the way I came in contact with Siggi and I was offered a place on the boat for a week of skitouring in the Westfjords.

This is episode thirteen of the Husky International series – get introduced to the wonderful town of Ísafjörður, the local backcountry community, the visitors and get to know the captain of the Aurora Arktika.

Do not miss the movie “A Skier’s Journey” that in many ways started this all.

I am so grateful to all the people making this episode possible, the people of Ísafjörður and the family of Siggi – thank you all!

If you liked this interview you might also like my interview with the Icelandic guide Katrín Káradottir, Italian alpinist Simone Moro, skiier Jackie Paaso or snowboarder Antti Autti. For the Swedish listeners I also recommend the episode from the Svalbard Arctic Ski Cruise.

The picture above of Siggi and Aurora is my own.

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  1. Hello Sigurdur,

    Your name was given to me by Peter Gallinelli, a colleague in Geneva. I have Gaia, a boat now in Isafjördur and would be happy to get in touch. I would be happy for a mail.



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