Episode fourteen, Maxime Chaya!

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“It’s very rewarding for me to show a different face of Lebanon and thats actually one of the reasons why I challenged myself to climb the Seven Summits – one was of course to prove to myself had I lived in a peaceful country, no war, no destruction, I would have been able to achieve my ambition to become a professional athlete. But the other reason was also to put a different face of Lebanon on the TV screen, it was my own way to show a truer face of Lebanon.”

One of the best things with Husky is all the chances and opportunities that so often opens up. Who would have thought that I would get an e-mail from the husband of the Swedish ambassador to Lebanon telling me that they not only listen to Husky, but also asks if I would be interested in meeting a friend of theirs – Maxime Chaya, who is the sixth person in the world ever to have completed the so called Adventurers Grand Slam which is completing the Seven Summits AND crossing the North and the South Pole on foot.

I am so glad and humbled to have had the chance to meet and interview Maxime about his background in Lebanon, his cosmopolitan upbringing, about his adventures and his mission to be a good rolemodel and ambassador for a troubled part of the world. He has also written a autobiography about his life so far called Steep Dreams.

If you like this interview please check out the rest of the Husky International series such as the interview with “Macca” McCormack that we mention. For interviews in Swedish I recommend the interviews with Ola Skinnarmo, Renata Chlumska and Andreas Fransson.

Many thanks to Naimakka for the gifts for Max!

The interview was recorded at Clarion Sign in Stockholm.

The original picture is Maximes own and was taken on Mt Everest as he was placing the Lebanse flag on top.

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