Episode fifty two, Chris “Macca” McCormack!

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“There is a way to everything. I read a quote that my father wrote to my younger brother: ”You know son, six plus three equals nine, but so does five plus four” You know. So is eight plus one, theres a lot of ways to get to nine – find your own way. Thats brilliant!”

It is a true honor to present my second all english episode – an interview with one of the most influential and successful triathletes: Chris “Macca” McCormack.

He has won the ITU World Champion title five times, he has broken the 8-hour barrier over the Ironman distance 4 times – the only man to break the barrier more than twice. Hailed by ESPN as the “world’s fittest athlete”, he has won more than 220 races during his career as a professional triathlete, with a stunning 76 per cent win rate in his race career events.

Together with swedish tour operator Apollo I got the chance to meet up with Macca at the fantastic sport hotel  Thanyapura, in Phuket Thailand, where he now is the Executive Chairman.

We talk about his childhood, about the first time he saw the Kona Ironman on TV together with his mother, about discovering the world through triathlon. About being an outsider in the triathlon world, about the “mind game” and about being inspired by Muhammad Ali.

And remember: a goal is a dream with a plan.

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