Episode sixteen, David Göttler!

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“Of course, the moment it happened and I realised that the helicopter crashed I was totally destroyed in the why that I was angry at everything! Why do this need to happend? But in the end you realise its not the mountains who made us, it is WE who go there, and WE want to go there. And up there Kazuya took a picture on this evening when he was alone there – he showed it to me afterwards and it it like the most beautiful sunset you can imagine. You watch this picture and you immediately want to go climbing again…”

Episode sixteen is a long interview with German alpinist and Mountain Guide David Göttler.

The episode was made in cooperation with The North Face and Addnature since David was one of the athletes that took part in the development of the very exclusive 2015/16 Summit Series called The Other Way.

Before the interview I talk with Joe Venacchio, the Global Product Vice President at The North Face, about the Summit Series and the process behind The Other Way.

With David, I talk about his childhood, how every family vacation was an adventure and about the discovery of the Mountain Guide profession. About friendship in the mountains, about risk management, trends within alpinism and the possible future of alpinism. David also talks about the darkest part of his climbing career with an incident on Ama Dablam, and about turning the tragedy into something good.

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Original photo © David Daniel Droites / The North Face

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