Episode ten, Rubin McRae!

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“If you would have asked me when I started Team Stockholm Marathon that I would be doing what I do today, sitting in front of you and you’ve had so many people that are so much more amazing than I am, doing your podcast, and working full time as a running coach and be able to do what I love and what I’ve always loved in my life I would have said you were crazy!”

Time has come for a long interview with the runner and running coach Rubin McRae for the Husky International series. In Sweden Rubin is famous for his company Urban Tribes and for coaching runners like Lisa Nordén and Kajsa Berg.

Hear about Rubins childhood with a twin brother, sister, young parents and a running father. About New Zealand, about meeting the love of his life and moving to Sweden.

About starting his own company, about coaching the pros, about the trends and future of running  and his old dream to become a opera singer…

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The interview was recorded at Clarion Sign in Stockholm.

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