Episode five, Jørgen Jørgensen and Norrøna!

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“One of my former employees said when he was quitting ‘I came in to Norrøna as a road biker and a alpine slope skier, I went out as a mountain biker and a freerider'”

The fifth episode of Husky International is a long interview with the CEO of  the Norwegian Outdoor brand Norrøna. Jørgen made his first jacket in the factories sewing machine when he was only twelve years old.

We talk about his own passion for the active life outdoor that he loves to mend into the company dna, we talk about taking responsibility for a family company as a fourth generation Jørgensen, about what drives the trends of the outdoor industry forward and his vision for the future of Norrøna.

Photography of Jørgen © Frode Sandbech

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