Episode 28, “Live Slow Run Far” with Michael and Sophia Miracolo!

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“Every time we tell people that we moved from 2nd Street on Manhattan to this little red house out in the woods they always ask how we could deal with the transition – but our answer is always that we WANTED that transition: it’s not like we didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into. That is EXACTLY what we wanted: something without people and off the beaten track”

Have you ever dreamt of leaving your normal, hectic day-to-day life and just move someplace out in pristine nature, restart you systems and focus on the things that you feel really matter?

That is what American-Swedish couple Michael and Sophia Miracolo did when they one day decided to leave their hectic life in New York City and instead moved into a small red cottage on the island of Yxlan out in the Stockholm archipelago.

Under the name Live Slow Run Far they now live a simple, down shifted life where ultra running and gardening plays a big role in their life.

After a coffee in the city we decided to book a date in the acast studio and this episode is the outcome of that first meeting.

We discuss the differences between American and Swedish culture and experiences of “friluftsliv” in their childhood, how they met one day and why the Non-Drinker and vegetarian Sophia ended up at a Superbowl house party with beer and chicken wings.

We talk about their very first attempt with gardening – on a rooftop  on Manhattan, we talk about Michaels “commute from hell” while Sophia studied two college programs at the same time and in the end about finding out what really makes you happy.

“In the beginning on Yxlan our gardening started much smaller – we just wanted to have a garden because it would be fun. But things escalated quite quickly…”

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We also talk about in what ways gardening and Ultra Running can be connected.

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The article that Sophia and Michael refer to regarding getting the most out of your tiny garden can be found right here.

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Original photos © Michael and Sophia Miracolo

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