Episode forty eight, Scott Cole!

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“There were times when I was running really focusing on a technical trail and suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I would catch the sunlight reflecting high, high up on one of the cliffs. And I did stop and glance, but I kept running. But just knowing that that was there, thats huge for me. You need these kind of moments – they keep you going”

My first all English interview is with multisport and endurance racer Scott Cole that I met up with as he was participating in the Sweden Sky Race up in Björkliden, Sweden. Scott actually ended up winning the 57 km part of the race, more about that in the interview.

We talk about Scotts way to become a very successful endurance racer, how he started out his Multisport and Adventure Racing career. About moving to Sweden and becoming obsessed with cross-country skiing in a magical winter landscape.

About contests such as the AXA Fjällmarathon, about winning the Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge and striving for a top ten position in the almost mythical Coast 2 Coast in New Zeeland. We talk about how his thoughts on racing is affected by his job as a environmental economist and about upgrading a “C Race” to a “A race”, changing the game plan and winning a race…

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Husky is a Swedish outdoor podcast where I interview people who in different ways challenge themselves and what society considers to be safe and comfortable. I have more English episodes coming up.

Photo © Johannes Poignant (www.johannespoignant.se)

Music Klangfarben by Joel Mull

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