Episode 32, interview with Carl Lundberg at Spotify’s “End of Year Party”!


“I could see all these changes in nature and then I realized that it was actually I who was destroying it – so I was ruining the exact same thing that I was selling. That was the reason I needed to change.”

I must admit that I was very surprised when I received an e-mail from Spotify where I was asked to record a live podcast when they arranged their ”End of the Year Party” for their employees in Sweden.

I’m not a big player – but Spotify sure is. So I was humbled to say the least.

All their staff got to choose between different interests to match them to different dinner venues – and the ones that showed an extra interest in winter, skiing and mountains ended up at a after ski themed dinner party where I did a short live podcast to entertain them between courses.

My guest for the interview was a friend of mine – mountain guide Carl Lundberg. 

Carl is interesting in many ways: first of all because he works as a mountain guide of course, but also because he combined mountain guide training with a PhD in Robotics.

But the main reason why I wanted to talk to him is that he started his company Skitouring Scandinavia three years ago where he now offers first class ski touring adventures with minimal carbon emissions – choosing trains over airplanes.

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And yeah…since Spotify is the very definition of a global, international company the interview and episode is in English.

Thank you Spotify for the trust and for the invite, and thank you Carl for the good time on stage!

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