Episode 23, about CAKE with Stefan Ytterborn!

“That has become a saying within the company and that is also usually the first thing I say when I’m gonna describe the project: we are into off road electric motorbikes, but this is much more ‘Patagonia’ than ‘Kawasaki’ and I think thats a good point to make people understand what we are doing and it does underline the fact that this is not going to be what people would expect from a two-wheeled motorized vehicle”


When I started this podcast I made it very clear that I would never get motorsports into the show but when Stefan Ytterborn, the founder and former CEO of POC, invited me for a lunch to talk about his new project I thought “hey, I’m game”.

Together with a international team and his two sons Stefan is now working on a project called CAKE. The goal is to design and produce a fully electrical motorized motorbike from scratch.

In the interview Stefan draws some parallells to the start up of POC, about the struggle and the joy of entrepreneurship, about the future of motors, about the environment, about zero emission and why CAKE is more “Patagonia” than “Kawasaki”.

Also don’t miss my previous interview with Stefan in Swedish.

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Cover photo © CAKE

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