Episode 33, Gonz Ferrero!

“Everything we do might be amazing – but if we don’t succeed in telling our customers just that, it means we have failed. And that is what we are working on right now.”

One of many benefits of producing a podcast such as Husky is all the meetings and insights I get in the Outdoor industry.

Not all CEO:s have the same background though. One would guess that the typical Outdoor CEO would be born and raised with their feet deep in lush forests and powder snow. This, however, is not the case with Gonz Ferrero who since four years is the acting CEO of the almost mythical, almost underground, Outdoor brand Klättermusen.

Born in Spain with a Spanish father and a mother from Peru – Gonz Ferrero grew up in the midst of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

But despite growing up in a highly urban surrounding he eventually found his way into the mountains. Follow us in this interview that will take you through investment banking and project leading solar parks in Spain, and starting a big media company in Shanghai. Through the Himalayan mountains, aiding nuns in the Andes, winter seasons in the Alps to finally ending up in a pizzeria in Duved, Åre.

Find out why Gonz doesn’t like the word “sustainability”, what the Outdoor industry can learn from High Fashion brands, why Klättermusen can be found on top alpinists but also trendy urabn club kids in Tokyo and what he thinks of Klättermusens fourtyfive year old history.

Husky is recorded with support from Naturkompaniet.

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