Episode 25, Megan Kimmel!

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“As of this season I just don’t have a lot of speed left in me. I am thirty-seven years old now and I’ve noticed a big difference, if nothing else in my desire – I don’t really care that much about running up a hill as fast as I can and intervals are not as exciting as they used to be. So I look much more forward to the more adventurous side of things, taking it slow and making it through a long day. I’ve actually always enjoyed that but I’ve always been in a timeframe where I’ve had to use my speed first”

The first time that I met Megan Kimmel was back in 2014 as I was in Chamonix for an event with Asics that they called Outrun the Sun. Back then Megan was part of the Ascis team and she ran the last part of a relay following the UTMB course rounding the Mt Blanc.

I was very fresh behind the microphones back then and the recordings I did, amongst them a talk with Megan, got lost somewhere between my iPad and the all mighty iCloud.

Luckily I got an invitation from Emelie Forsberg to head up to the Tromsø Skyrace weekend to run one of the races – the Tromsdalstind Skyrace. While up there I took the opportunity to record some interviews; one with VK-phenomenon Stian Angermund-Vik and one with Megan Kimmel.

In our talk we end up in Colorado where she grew up and where she now lives. We talk about her love and passion for backcountry skiing, about traveling, about whether to spend more time in skimo gear or not, about her time running for Asics and about her new position in Salomons Internayional Team, about mountain cities, about owning a coffeeshop and about renovating old houses.

Follow Megan on her Instagram or by her homepage.

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If you like this interview make sure to listen to my interview with Megans team mate Max King or ultra runner Jez Bragg.

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