Episode seven, Anja Beranek!

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“I have a song from my little niece when she is standing by the race course she’s singing this song for her aunt, and when I come to that point when I just look five meters in front of me and I don’t recognize left or right or whatever I just sing that song and that keeps me going, it gives me a rhythm. It gives me all the emotions that I need to have”

Episode seven in the Husky International series is a long interview with the German triathlete Anja Beranek.

We talk about her childhood and how she got into sports and triathlon. About turning pro, about the mental game behind long distance triathlon. About the dream of Kona Ironman and how she, inspired by MacGyver, managed to repair a broken helmet strap with hairpins while racing.

This interview was recorded at Playitas Resort in cooperation with Apollo.

Other triathletes in the Husky International series include Chris “Macca” McCormack, Julia Gajer and Javier Gómez Noya.

Original photo © Marco Mülller

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Husky is available for all podcast readers.




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